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How we do things at Last Call Pest Control

We do things a little different here. I am a human person, just like you, with anxieties, fears and interests. My interests include helping you solve your pest problem with speed, efficacy and most importantly - compassion. I understand how stressful a pest invasion can be. In my experience, kindness goes a very long way. A client will remember when their technician was gentle, honest and understanding. They will also remember when a technician was harsh, judgemental and quick to dismiss concerns. I design my day around having appropriate time to answer questions and clarify the process. I want you to be comfortable with me. I want you to learn more about what I am doing for you and what you can do to help yourself going forward. My goal is customer satisfaction, above all else. I will always take the time to ensure you understand what’s required, what to expect and how to protect yourself and your family from pests and from control methods.

I have had a lot of jobs - in a lot of different industries. I have learned about the human condition and grief manifested in all ways as a funeral director assistant. I’ve seen the guilt, the anxiety and how we respond to stressful conditions as humans and I apply that in my practice today. I have learned about innate parental protection and time management as an early childhood educator. I have learned how to work well under pressure and how to deal with difficult situations as a bartender. Pest control is complex. We are detectives, therapists, executioners. I have invested hours and hours to educate myself on biology, entomology, control methods, safety and psychology.

When you hire me, you hire a friend.

I am inclusive of all.

I am very pet friendly (I love all your pets!)

I care - and that’s the difference ❤️

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